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Our History

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The Beginning

 PixelMechanics was founded by Michael and Siiri Rohrmüller with a clear goal: to lead in the digital space. That same year, we launched our first Magento project, quickly becoming one of the first in Germany to specialize in this powerful e-commerce platform.


Global Expansion

 As PixelMechanics' reputation for delivering exceptional digital experiences grew, so did our ambitions. In 2013, we expanded our reach by establishing an offshore presence in India. This strategic move allowed us to tap into a rich pool of diverse professional talent, enhancing our comprehensive service offerings and bolstering our ability to deliver robust and innovative solutions to a growing number of international businesses.

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Adobe Partnership

 Our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions led to a milestone partnership with Adobe in 2018. This collaboration marked a pivotal moment for PixelMechanics, allowing us to harness the full suite of Adobe tools and platforms. With Adobe's powerful software at our disposal, we could push the boundaries of creativity and functionality, offering our clients unparalleled digital experiences.


Foundation of PixelMechanics India Pvt. Ltd.

In 2021, PixelMechanics took a bold step in our growth trajectory by founding PixelMechanics India Pvt. Ltd. This strategic establishment not only demonstrated our commitment to expanding our global footprint but also positioned us to further harness the dynamic and growing digital market in India. The move strengthened our ability to offer comprehensive and adaptive digital solutions to our clients worldwide.

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Recruitee Partnership

In 2021, PixelMechanics forged a strategic partnership with Recruitee, an esteemed talent acquisition platform. This collaboration was more than a mutual alliance; it was an opportunity for us to offer our clients a cutting-edge recruitment tool. By implementing Recruitee's solutions, we empowered our clients to enhance their talent acquisition strategies, ensuring they could build teams as innovative and dynamic as the digital solutions they seek from PixelMechanics.


Recognition for Innovation

The year 2023 marked a significant achievement for PixelMechanics as we were honored with the Tellent Rising Star Award. This recognition underscores our team's commitment to innovation and the impactful strides we have made in the digital industry. Celebrating our inventive spirit and the breakthroughs we have achieved, this award is a nod to our team's strategic and creative efforts that continuously set new standards of success in the tech world.

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