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Boost Your e-learning experience with ALM's new features update

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08 Nov 2023

Boost Your e-learning experience with ALM's new features update

Tailor your experience in ALM’s native version

In this exciting ALM update, you can customize your experience in the native version of ALM. Whether you’re a learner, manager, admin, author, or instructor, you can create a personalized workflow with custom widgets/apps. Imagine being a manager in a training centre, now having the ability to monitor learners’ progress more effectively.

Create quizzes with ALM’s new tool

Our ALM features overview includes a brand-new Quiz Creation Tool. Now, you can craft multiple-choice, true/false, and fill in the blanks quizzes from the ALM Author app’s Content Library page. It’s a perfect tool for e-learning providers designing Health and Safety courses.

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Track course progress with ALM’s compliance widget

Stay on track with our Compliance Widget on the learner’s homepage. Seeing your course progress for each deadline couldn’t be easier. For learners with mandatory CPD courses, this ALM LMS feature will ensure they meet their compliance requirements.

Empower your team with ALM’s custom admin enhancements

Our ALM update improves custom admin roles, granting them report access similar to admin roles. They now get read-only access to crucial settings, like user access and learning plans. The importance of data-driven learning is another highlight of Adobe Learning Manager that manifests its status as best of class LMS solution. In a large organisation using our LMS Adobe tool, department heads can monitor their teams’ learning progress without seeing company-wide data.

Navigate easily with ALM’s refreshed user interface

We’ve revamped the ALM user interface — it’s modern, clean, and easy to navigate. New learners will find our ALM LMS friendlier, fostering a faster learning experience.

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About the new ALM features

These enhancements aim to make the Adobe Learning Manager even more potent for managing and delivering your learning content. So, stay tuned for more thrilling ALM version info and updates.

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