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The secret ingredients making Adobe Commerce a leader in eCommerce technology once again - Gartner report summary

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06 Sep 2023

The secret ingredients making Adobe Commerce a leader in eCommerce technology once again - Gartner report summary

The role of independent eCommerce platform evaluation

In an era where business success is undeniably tethered to digital prowess, Adobe Commerce serves as a beacon, guiding the way for eCommerce innovation with features designed to propel businesses forward. Gartner’s recent evaluation endorses this claim, placing Adobe Commerce at the forefront of leaders in the digital commerce space.

Adobe Commerce: A torchbearer in digital commerce

Guided by Gartner’s insights, predicting that 30% of B2B sales cycles will operate digitally by 2026, Adobe Commerce has strategically positioned itself as a dependable ally for businesses. Embracing this digital transformation, it provides a powerful platform for creating enriching customer experiences. A case in point, a manufacturing company adopting Adobe Commerce can pivot towards a customer-centric operational model, providing its clients with a seamless digital experience.

Setting the bar high: B2C functionality

Adobe Commerce shines with its robust B2C functionality, complete with features like role management, catalog management, and enhanced browsing experiences. Let’s take the example of a retail organization wanting to upgrade its digital storefront. By integrating Adobe Commerce’s interactive capabilities, it can significantly enhance its online visibility and customer engagement.

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Delivering personalized experiences in eCommerce

In a world where personalization is key to customer satisfaction, Adobe Commerce stands out by implementing Adobe Sensei AI, driving intelligent and personalized interactions across its platform. Consider a telecom provider aiming to deliver customized product recommendations to its users. By harnessing Adobe Sensei’s power, the provider can create a distinct, valuable journey for each of its clients.

Embracing improvement: Adobe’s B2B enhancements forthcoming

True to its commitment to continual improvement, Adobe Commerce is paving the way for new features specifically aimed at optimizing B2B operations. For example, a tech enterprise dealing with bulk orders can expect a smooth, user-friendly ordering and discounting system in the near future, clearly exemplifying Adobe’s dedication to empowering businesses.


Endorsed by Gartner, the global leader in industry analysis, Adobe Commerce demonstrates a steadfast promise as a powerful tool in the digital commerce realm. Its leading position, excellent B2C functionalities, and conscious move towards enhancement give compelling reasons for businesses to depend on it. Its continual evolution to meet the ever-changing demands of B2B commerce predicts a promising future for businesses relying on Adobe Commerce.

About the author:

Michael Rohrmüller is a seasoned e-business expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As the CEO and Founder of PixelMechanics | The e-Business Enablers, he has helped numerous companies excel in the digital landscape, specializing in e-commerce and B2B solutions. Based in Nuremberg, Germany, Michael’s expertise extends worldwide, offering strategic advice and acting as a trusted Sparring-Partner to his clients. His innovative approach and dedication to enabling success make him a sought-after authority in the realm of e-business. 


Gartner report 2023: Magic quadrant for digital commerce 

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