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HCL Aftermarket Cloud is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution designed to optimize and streamline after-sales services for manufacturers and service providers. With HCL Aftermarket Cloud, you can efficiently manage warranties, spare parts distribution, service contracts, and field service operations, ensuring superior customer experiences and reduced operational costs.

PixelMechanics, as an experienced HCL partner, can help you harness the full potential of HCL Aftermarket Cloud to transform your after-sales services and drive business growth.

Comprehensive tools for efficient after-sales service management

Key features of the HCL Aftermarket Cloud

Warranty management

Streamline warranty claims processing, validation, and settlement, ensuring accurate and timely resolution of customer issues.

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Spare parts management

Optimize spare parts inventory, distribution, and pricing, ensuring parts availability and minimizing stockouts and overstocking.

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Service contract management

Efficiently manage service contracts, including renewals, upgrades, and entitlements, ensuring accurate billing and revenue recognition.

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Field Service Management

Streamline field service operations, including work order management, technician scheduling, and mobile access, ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

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Service parts planning

Forecast and plan spare parts demand, optimizing inventory levels and minimizing obsolescence risk.

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Analytics and reporting

Gain valuable insights into after-sales service performance, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency with comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities.

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Deliver superior after-sales experiences with streamlined warranty management, spare parts availability, and efficient field service operations, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
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Optimize spare parts inventory, minimize stockouts and overstocking, and streamline service operations, reducing operational costs and improving profitability. 
Maximize service contract renewals, upsells, and cross-sells with efficient contract management and targeted marketing campaigns, driving service revenue growth. 
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Empower field technicians with mobile access to work orders, customer information, and knowledge bases, improving productivity and first-time fix rates. 
Leverage comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities to gain valuable insights into after-sales service performance, enabling data-driven decision making and continuous improvement.
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Benefit from PixelMechanics' expertise in HCL Aftermarket Cloud implementation, integration, and optimization, ensuring a successful deployment and maximum ROI. 

Transform your customer service, improve customer satisfaction and increase your service revenue with the HCL Aftermarket Cloud and expert guidance from PixelMechanics.

Ready to optimize your after-sales services and deliver superior customer experiences? Contact our HCL Aftermarket Cloud experts today to explore how we can help you streamline your warranty management, spare parts distribution, and service contract administration!

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HCL Aftermarket Cloud and HCL solutions

HCL Aftermarket Cloud is part of the HCL Software portfolio, which offers a wide range of solutions for digital transformation, including HCL Commerce, HCL Unica, and HCL Digital Experience. When combined with other HCL solutions, HCL Aftermarket Cloud enables you to create end-to-end, seamless customer experiences that span the entire product lifecycle, from purchase to after-sales service. 

We can help you leverage the power of HCL solutions to create comprehensive, data-driven customer experiences that drive business growth and customer loyalty.

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Let's collaborate to create exceptional digital experiences


Comprehensive Solutions for After-Sales Service Transformation

PixelMechanics' HCL Aftermarket Cloud Services

PixelMechanics offers a wide range of services to help you implement, integrate, and optimize HCL aftermarket cloud for your unique business needs:

Implementation and Configuration

Our experts work closely with your team to implement and configure HCL Aftermarket Cloud, ensuring a seamless deployment that aligns with your business processes and requirements.

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Integration with Existing Systems

We'll help you integrate HCL Aftermarket Cloud with your existing ERP, CRM, and other systems, ensuring a seamless flow of data and a unified view of your after-sales service operations.

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Customization and Extension

Our team can customize and extend HCL Aftermarket Cloud to meet your specific business needs, developing custom modules, workflows, and integrations that enhance the platform's capabilities.

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Data Migration and Cleansing

We'll assist you in migrating your existing after-sales service data into HCL Aftermarket Cloud, ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and integrity.

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Training and Support

Our experts will provide comprehensive training to your team, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to effectively use and manage HCL Aftermarket Cloud. We also offer ongoing support to help you maximize the value of your investment.

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Continuous Improvement

We'll work with you to continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize your after-sales service performance, identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing best practices to drive ongoing success.

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Partner with PixelMechanics to unlock the full potential of HCL Aftermarket Cloud and transform your after-sales service operations

Ready to take your after-sales services to the next level? Contact PixelMechanics today to learn more about our HCL Aftermarket Cloud services and how we can help you achieve your business goals!